Our collection of italian wooden caskets and urns

From the coexistence with rocks, lakes, trees and plants a particular bond is born that has its roots directly in the places themselves, in their magical poetry that only those who live with them are able to perceive.

Jacob Ludwig Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm

Funeral art is an art to honor and celebrate life. Life as time and space.


Wood is modeled for over sixty years by the artisanal experience of Ferronato. Ferronato produces handmade caskets in a path that today sees the third generation engaged in this art passed from father to son.


The models selected in this new catalog take their name and inspiration from the places of the Italian Alpine arc.

Our collection is ispired by our land. By our mountains and our woods.

These are powerful places that have inspired and fascinated mankind for centuries. The valleys, the peaks and the mirrors of water to which our collection refers are place with spiritual fascination, beyond the senses.

With a secret and universal language this fascination elevatss man beyond the crests of these pale mountains, between earth and sky.

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    Request our catalog